Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten Ten ♥

Okay, I just wanna say thanks for everything. You guys know how much I love all of you and Im so glad that we're okay now. But I dont think that we can be friends just like we used to be. I realize that Im so different from you guys. Maybe its the best way for us if I just let it go. Its not that I dont want to be friend with you guys anymore. But after SPM, do you really think that we still gonna have each other like we used to? Im worried about that. Because things just not the same. We used to laugh together, talk a shit about boys, sleepover. But its okay, we'll see after SPM. I make a lot mistakes and I always said a bad thing about you guys. Im so regret for what I've said. I really really sorry. What important things is that I want to say is you guys are the best. I love you guys so much. I swore that I will never ever forget you guys. There's no one can replace you guys in my life. I will always wear our friendship bangle :)

Fiey, Nadia, Giena, Nazimah, Syaa, Aien, Ady, Wany, Nisa, Lina.

Ten ten ♥

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